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Lean/Six Sigma Training

Training for increasing output, reducing waste, and improving employee morale

Our Lean/Six Sigma Training & Services

  • Initial Lean Assessment
  • 2-Day Lean Training
  • Ongoing Consultations

We train how to: 

  • Reduce wasted labor & material costs
    1. Scrap Reduction
    2. Rework Reduction
    3. Reduce Variance Costs
    4. Reduced Warranty Claims
    5. Inventory Reduction
    6. Improved Housekeeping
  • Improve production output
    1. Reduced Lead Time
    2. Increased Output
    3. Improved On-Time Delivery
    4. Reduced labor costs
    5. Increased Customer Satisfaction
    6. Increased Profits
  • Improve employee morale
    1. More engaged employees
    2. Less overtime
    3. Make processes more effective/efficient
    4. Increased Safety
    5. Create a Continuous Improvement Culture
    6. Participate in a Kaizen exercise

Continuous improvement starts today. Call now: (330) 432-4861

“Ever feel like your company has hit a wall? Maybe productivity isn’t what it should be. Or maybe quality is starting to suffer along with employee morale. Maybe your bottom line is being squeezed and you find it more difficult to grow your company with the same resources. If any of this hits home, it could be a sign that the processes that got you where you are today are not the processes to get you where you want to be tomorrow.  It could also be a sign that it’s time to talk with the Lean experts at MHS WorkSafe.”
-Michael Vachon, Trainer

Why Choose MHS WorkSafe?

  • An effective safety and health program can return $4 to $6 for every $1 invested and will increase productivity and employee morale.
  • MHS WorkSafe can partner with you to help with all OSHA compliance requirements through initial and annual training and proper record keeping.
  • We offer on-site safety audits and OSHA mandated training at your facility. We can maintain and submit all OSHA mandated record keeping, reporting and retention.
  • We can also design and develop your company’s required Emergency Evacuation Plan to include First Responder Training.
  • We make our training and services as convenient as possible. We come to you.

Our Service Locations

Tuscarawas County

Stark County

Wayne County

MHS WorkSafe provides practical training for the workplace. We believe in saving by training. Save money, save time, save lives. WorkSafe.


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